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USB Solutions

We can provide USB solutions and technical support, please contact us for any business R&D, including but not limited to the following:

  2.4G Hz RF wireless Keyboard/Mouse solution
♦  Several types of RF solution: Dice,QFN24,10.6*12.6mm mini module
♦ 16 real-time frequency-hopping channels, effective anti-interference
♦  Could pass FCC certification test easily
♦  Featured multi-functional button
♦  Featured multi-functional LED indicator
♦  The mouse solution is compatible with the current popular sensor
(Normal function: 3D5K + Low Voltage Alarm +Optional Multimedia)
Avago: 3040/5030/7050/7530
PixArt:  3101/3102/3204/3603
E M C:  OM10B
Avago: 3040/5030/7050/7530
PixArt:  3101/3102/3204/3603
E M C:  OM10B
♦  The keyboard solution is compatible with ekk8011AB(83053) 8*18 matrixing circuit, support 2 types of Fn and M/Mode(Fn Hold) mode
♦   We also provide solutions of touchpad keyboard and mouse.
  Solutions for IR/2.4G RF Wireless Laser presenter, remote controller/reseiver for VOD or PC
♦  USB2.0 MCU, plug and play, no extra driver needed
♦  Compatible with OS: WIN98\WIN ME\WIN2000\WINXP\VISTA\LINUX\MAC
♦  Support viewing many document formats, e.g. PPT, WORD, EXCEL, PDF
♦  Normal MCU supports page down/up, and also support many keys with self-defining functions
♦  Cost effective 2.4GHz RF solution, support mouse with multi customerized functions


  Solutions for USB Audio Card, USB Speaker, USB Earphone or VOIP Phone
♦   Effectively integrated USB Audio solution with programable IC, built-in power amplifier, customerized functions are available.
♦  Standard multimedia keys: Volume+/-, Mute, Play/Pause,Prev/Next, Running Default player
♦  Support Skype, VoipBuster,VoipCheap and many other VOIP platform, Skype Keys: Answer, Hangup, Redial, search friends...
♦   The solution supports USB Speaker, USB Earphone ,Skype Phone, Skype Mouse or Skype Keyboard



  USB/PS2 Adapter Solution

♦  Support interchangeable PS2 ports for both mouse and keyboard, HUB, Joystick, KVM, Barcode Scanner, educational/elementary computer
♦  Several shapes of PCBA suit for many products, with verified perfect stability and compatibility.

♦  Compliant with USB HID spec.
♦  USB Bus powered
♦  Fully compliant with PS/2 keyboard/mouse
♦  Support USB and PS/2 plug and play
♦  The PS/2 port of mouse and the PS/2 port of keyboard can be exchanged . And also can support two PS/2 keyboards or two PS/2 mice simultaneously
♦  Support 3D3K standard mechanical mouse and optical PS/2 mouse
♦  Support Standard Windows Mulitmedia Keys
♦  Support Windows98/ SE / Me / 2000 / XP and Mac OS9.0 / OSX / Linux
♦  Support the keyboards of English, simply Chinese, traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
Accept customization if you want to support some other keyboards of special keys, such as that of European language, Brazilian, Portuguese and so on.
♦  Accept customization according to the specialized PID/VID information.

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