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Function Catalog Path:  Home >>USB Wireless Laser Presenter >>Mini laser stage light

mini laser stage lighting(sc-lsl-1000)
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mini laser stage lighting(sc-lsl-1000)

Product Functions & Featrues:
Name:mini laser stage lighting
Model No.:sc-lsl-1000
Memo:mini, laser, stage lighting
Country of Origin: China
Export Markets: Worldwide

1)power: AC power supply input AC 110V-240V/50-60Hz output 5.4V 1.5A
2)Laser generator:green wavelength 532nm power 50mw red wavelength 650nm power 150mw blue wavelength 405 power 80mw
5)Body color:black

Packing list:
1)projector 1pc
2)AC power supply 1pc
3)manual 1pc
4)tripod 1pc
5)SD card 1pc
6)CD of SD card laser control system 1pc

Family party,dance party,roller skating rinks,KTV,bars,party,ect

SD card laser control system

i)Function instruction

1)This system only supports FAT32 system.you need to format it as FAT32 system when using a new SD card

2)This system only supports short named folders.each folder name and expanded-name is only combined with words or digits,a folder name is no more than 8 digits and an expanded-name no more than 3 digits(eg:abcde123.jpg)

3)SD card only for this machine using,don't save other files in this SD card.it can save more than one hundred folders and 255files in each folder.

4)when setting up a new folder,you need to set up a PRG file inside which is named the same with the folder,and save all files in the PRG file.now the play speed is "key seek"speed.for example,set upp AA.PRG file(program list)under AA folder.

5)program list:

user can use the TEXT editor to edit the program list,but you must save the file in PRG format.program list is composed of document name,play speed and play times,using a comma between them.each line to edit a program.for example,one program is composed of ab1.ild ab2.ild ab3.ild files.the file ab1.ild play speed is 15K/second,replaying 3times,ab2.ild play speed is 20K/second,playing 1time,ab3.ild play speed is 18K/second,replaying 4times.

6)This system only supports ILD format files,namely files with expanded-name ILD.

II)Button instruction:

1)show at right


the state keeps as last operation when starting the machine,then you can press MODE to exit to the MODE menu. line 1 display"mode select",line 2 displays operate mode:

program table: Key seek Audio mode Auto mode

system set:you can set the color mode,sound control inductive effects,X/Y phase,etc.

press button"MODE"to choose the working mode,then press"enter".

III)working mode and operation:

1)play list:list 1 of LCD displays"SD program show" line 2 displays the program list.you can press UP or DOWN to choose the program list then.

2)keyboard select:line 1 of LCD displays"show file",line 2 displays the ILD file name.you can press UP or DOWN to choose which pattern you want to show.

3)sound active:line 1 of LCD displays"Audio show",line 2 displays the name of the system development company"Aurora studio",all patterns showing are inside the chcip of the machine,but not in the SD card here,and all patterns will be changed following music.

4)Audio Mode:line 1 of the LCD displays"Ausio show",line 2 displays the name of the system development company:Aurora studio",all patterns showing are inside the chcip of the machine,but not in the SD card here.

5)system setting:line 1 of LCD displays"system set",line 2 displays setting parameters.you can press UP or DOWN TO set the parameter,then press "enter","color mode set"use to set the color mode,"Audio set"to control the sensitivity,"phasic set"to set the direction of the patterns.

6)folder setting:line 1 of LCD displays"folder select",line 2 display folder name,press UP or DOWN to choose any folder to play,then press "enter".


1)Pease operate the projector according to the manual strictly.

2)This unit is intended for indoor use only and should be prevented from water,moisture and shake

3)the working temperature of this unit is 15-30ˇăc,and it must be powered off after continuously working 2 hours to let the diode cool down.

4)To keep the body of unit clean to avoid any unnecessary troubles.

5)Don't turn on and off it frequently and try to avoid making it for a long time.

6)Don't use the telescope to watch the laser rays,otherwise will be largen the dangers.

7)You had better to use the orinigal package during the transportation.


1)The grade of the laser for it is class III B,and will be dangerous if exposure to the eyes directly.

2)The working voltage is 110-240V/50-60Hz,once exceeded this range its lifetime will be shorten.

Other Informations:

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